Eric Weil Institute
Institute for the History of Concepts and Ideas

Book Reserve

Any document over 100 years old is considered antiquarian. Any document that is unavailable in any of the related libraries in close proximity, or that falls within the specialty of a specialized collection, is considered rare.

"The value of a document must be evaluated independently of its rarity according to its market value and cultural or scientific value, this is especially true for all documents of local interest or those that fall within the specialty of specialized collections."
The Library Charter


The Éric Weil Library houses a collection of rare and antiquarian books from Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment period (in Greek , Latin, French, Italian, English, and German).


 Examples from the collection are works by Horace, Homer, Virgil, Erasmus, Marsilio Ficino, Justus Lipsius, Gerardus Vossius, the works of Pierre Bayle (Dictionnaire historique et critique, 1740), Hobbes, Voltaire (Œuvres completes, 1785), Rousseau (Œuvres completes, 1782), Beaumarchais, as well as works by Kant, Campe, Haller, Hufeland, Jacobi, Nicolai, Schiller, etc.

A certain number of these assets are either rare or difficult to find even in major libraries.


All consultation is subject to specific conditions defined by the  Bibliothèque universitaire SHS.


Catalogue of the Éric Weil Library’s rare and antiquarian collection