Eric Weil Institute
Institute for the History of Concepts and Ideas


The Institute Éric Weil provides financial support for the publication, translation, and analysis of Éric Weil’s work. It also backs research tackling the major themes found in Weil’s work, and more generally, research in the history of concepts and ideas. The Institute thus plays a role in defining and applying the University of Lille’s research policy through its partnerships with different research laboratories, with the graduate school consortium, l’École doctorale SHS, as well as the Foundation of the University of Lille.   


The Institute is a member of numerous international partnerships. These partnerships work together to create thematic joint research programs based on Éric Weil’s work and the questions found therein.


 In order to encourage this mission, the Institute regularly hosts doctoral students and researchers from its partner universities. One of the Institute’s main projects is to create discussion groups and permanent seminars and encourage the participation in conferences and colloquia.