Eric Weil Institute
Institute for the History of Concepts and Ideas


The library

Éric Weil’s personal library contains approximately 10,000 volumes. It is organized according to four separate groupings:

  • Philosophy: ancient philosophy (Greek, Latin), modern philosophy (in German, English, French, Italian)
  • Literature (in German, English, French, Italian)
  • Political History and Art History
  • French and German journals and reviews

The library has a substantial German language holding since it contains a number of titles originating from the Mendelsohn family library.

Certain rare titles published before 1810 are held at Central University Library for conservational reasons but are available on demand…for more information

The Bibliothèque Éric Weil uses an inhouse classification system that, from the beginning, reflects a conscious choice to create a site-specific tool instead of following pre-existing systems such as Universal Decimal Classification or Dewey Decimal Classification. To consult the reference code system, click here

All the titles available at the Bibliothèque Éric Weil are referenced in the catalogue Lillocat.

Lillocat A single address allows to consult both the computerised catalogue of libraries of components and research centres (including the BEW) as well as the catalogue of the Common Service of the University of Lille . It is available at this address: SCD catalogue


SUDOC (University Documentation System) allows you to carry out bibliographic research on the collections of French university libraries and other institutions of higher education, and periodical collections from about 2,400 other documentary centres. It is available at this address: SUDOC catalogue.



Éric Weil’s archives and publications include

  • Éric Weil’s personal archive contains unpublished works, official civil documents, correspondence, photographs, conference audio recordings, the recording of an appearance on a television show. The various handwritten and typed papers and documents in Weil’s personal archive have been classed and most are available digitally ;
  • Éric Weil’s published texts, including the posthumous publication of previously unpublished texts undertaken by the Centre Éric Weil (1982-2006), the translations of Weil’s work in various languages, standalone publications of Weil’s articles ;
  • Secondary literature, including various conference recordings and radio recordings…for more information