Eric Weil Institute
Institute for the History of Concepts ans Ideas

Founded in 2011 following the bequest of Éric Weil’s estate to the Université Lille 3

The Institute Éric Weil is a shared service (service commun) within the University of Lille since 14 March 2019.



The Institute Éric Weil is an Institute for the History of Concepts and Ideas. Its principal scientific activity focuses on the study and diffusion of Éric Weil’s philosophical work, as well as the study and diffusion of work dedicated to the philosophical themes found therein. To this end, the Éric Weil Institute maintains a close working relationship with the Mixed Research Unit Savoirs, Textes, Langage (UMR 8163) while also collaborating with the University’s other research laboratories with the goal of promoting a diversity of scientific research.

Working closely with the University’s Documentation Department and its network of libraries, the Éric Weil Institute’s scientific responsibilities include housing both the “Éric Weil Archives” and the “Éric Weil Library.” Additionally, the Éric Weil Institute manages the rights and authorizations for the publication, reproduction, and translation of Éric Weil’s work.

The Éric Weil Institute develops, participates in, and helps fund a variety of research projects in collaboration with numerous partner institutions and universities. In addition to its the principal institutional partner, the Fondation de l’Université de Lille, this network includes partnerships with various French universities and universities throughout West Africa, Brazil, the United States, Portugal, Germany, as well as Central and Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia.

The Éric Weil Institutes offers numerous research possibilities and participates in numerous activities. These include: on-site access to the Library and the Archives for researchers from the graduate level onwards; the funding of research grants for visiting research fellows; the supervision or co-supervision of doctoral studies within the framework of the Mixed Research Unit Savoir, Textes, Langage; the organization of seminars, conferences, and colloquia. Complementing its research activity, the Éric Weil Institute also funds and participates in numerous publishing activities including, but not limited to: Éric Weil’s unpublished manuscripts; new translations of his work; essays and books dedicated to his philosophical work and the themes found therein.